Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sketches and Boo-Boos! - Route 66

I'm here watching the Superbowl (just for the commercials and Black-Eyed Peas at halftime) and have been working diligently to update my blog. I've actually gotten several things done in the last few weeks but have been too busy to work on my blog. I've been inundated at work and busy [re]organizing my scrap space. So, since my DS is at his friend's house watching the game and I'm here in peace and solitude I figured I'd take the time to add some new things. Starting with this layout:

This layout was done for a challenge over at the Library of Memories Community at BigPictureClasses.comWe were supposed to create a Storage Binder layout of an event with more than 10 photos. Use only four on your page. Triage the remaining six photos behind at least three different tabs in your category drawers. I cheated a little and used seven photos. I figured it was okay since I was doing a two-page spread. I began with this sketch from Page Patterns: Just Plain Simplicity.

Sketches are a great starting point for me and my final product usually looks very little like the original sketch. Remember that when starting as a sketch, you don't have to use it as is. You can rotate one or both pages four different ways. I turned the entire sketch upside down to accommodate the orientation of my pictures and the sequential order in which I wanted them to appear.  

As I was attempting to adhere one of the 6's onto the Route 66 embellishment, it fell onto the white portion adhesive side down. I picked it up quickly and swiped at the glue with my finger. It left a a very visible black smudge. I thought about re-cutting it and decided I didn't feel like being bothered and would use it as is. As I was finishing up, inspiration struck and I decided to cover the entire embellishment with Distress Stickles in Rock Candy. So I just squirted some on and smeared it all over with my finger. Not only did it diminish the look of the smearing, but it kind of gave the sign that old dirty road sign look. It added that certain somethin' somethin' to the page. I love how it turned out!'s lessons are:
  1. Begin with a sketch but feel free to manipulate it so that it works for you, your photos and your design process.
  2. Also, don't despair if you make a mistake or drip glue or something else on your layout. Look around your scrap space and find a little-used product that you have and use it to help you fix the problem.
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