Monday, August 30, 2010

52 Card Pick-Up - Want to See More Techniques?

Here is a brief look at some more of the wonderful things we did in this class.

To create this look, alcohol ink was applied randomly to a transparency one color at a time. Then rubbing alcohol was spritzed over the alcohol ink to create the look. 

I was very skeptical about this next techinique (I mean really...deface a photo???), but surprisingly I love the way it came it.  And it was oh so simple!!! Simply sand around the edges of the photo and then use a paper piercer to journal on the photo.

Have you ever used vaseline in crafting? Neither had I until we were challenged with this technique. For this one, my patterned paper was coated with Mod Podge. Then Vaseline was randomly applied. Acrylic paint was applied over everything. Once it had dried, a paper towel was used to wipe away the Vaseline and resisted paint!

Easy peasy....created using a piercing tool and a template.

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

FINALLY! 52-Card Pick Up is Done!

It has been some time since I've updated my blog. That's one of the perils of being a teacher. When summer ends and school begins, our laid-back life as we know it comes to a screeching halt. Then everything becomes about lesson planning, test scores, NCLB, classroom management all while trying to find some balance in your live so that you can continue to do those things that you love that bring you joy. I am trying to catch up.

Back in June , I posted about a class I was talking over at Big Picture Scrapbooking called 52 Card Pick-Up. You can find the original post here. The class ended August 11th, but I didn't finish until about two weeks later (ahhhh...the joys of online learning).

I wanted to share the before and after pictures of my little card deck. Over the next few days, I will share some more of the cool techniques I learned while taking the class.

Here is the BEFORE picture, my card deck created at the beginning of class (please ignore the "watch cat!"):

And here is the FINISHED product...2 1/2 months and 52 techniques later.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more cool techniques!