Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making Progress When Challenged - Some Cards

I've recently begun taking part in Friday Night Chat Challenges over at Scraps of Color. A different member hosts each week. A digital image is sent out at the beginning of the week and we use it to make a project of our choice that has to be posted on Friday evening. During the chat on Friday evenings, we are presented with challenges that almost always involve making a card (according to certain parameters) AND posting it within 30 minutes. And...we usually do that THREE times during the course of the evening. That is part of what has gotten me in organization mode here in my scrap space...simply so that I can put my hands on tools and supplies quickly. Since I'm also still fairly new to cardmaking, the entire process forces me to think and move quickly...and if you've been following me for awhile, you know that I am very slow when it comes to papercrafting. It takes me an hour just to choose paper sometimes.

So I'd like to share a few of the cards I've completed and share what I've learned through the process of creating them.

This card was created with the image that was sent to us at the beginning of the week. I'm very new to the world of Copics though I've acquired quite a collection. My coloring leaves a lot to be desired but that's okay because I am a work in progress and have long ago given up on being perfect.

For this card, the instructions were to make a two-layer all-white card with just one small pop of color. I had a great idea in mind and intended to put a layout on there using one of my Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches. Only problem was, since acquiring all seven or eight of them (I bought them when Oprah gave out the 50% coupon) I had never used one. I chose to test it out during a 30-minute challenge. Not too smart. I should have tried them out AND learned how to use them as soon as I brought them home. As you can see, I had some issues with the corner punch. (Which reminds me; my Cinch and Creatopia arrived last week. Better take them out of the box and try them out!)

For this card...we were given a sketch to follow and instructed to make it monochromatic (shades of one color). You know me...I love sketches! Not quite monochromatic, but almost!....

For my last card, we were supposed to create a card using stamp of our choice, rhinestones or pearls, fringe and a sentiment. I kind of misread the directions and used the stamp as my sentiment. I also didn't have any fringe in my stash. I suppose I could of made some fringe out of paper but I didn't want to since I was in a time crunch. I found some fiber stuff in my stash that I had forgotten I had. Decided to use that instead.

So here is what I've learned going through this process...
  1. Progress, not perfection, is the name of the game.
  2. When you go out and spend your hard-earned money on new scrapping tools, get them out and learn how to use them as soon as possible. You've spent the money; no use having them just sit there. You might just be surprised at what you can create with your new toys.
  3. This one bears repeating...when you've lost your mojo or are in a creative rut, use a sketch!
  4. Don't be afraid to substitute one product for another.

Thanks for stopping by....

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  1. Karen, you did a great job. Your coloring isn't as bad as you make it sound. I like!