Friday, June 25, 2010

52 Card Pick-Up = More Cool Techniques

I fell a little behind in class and so took the time during the last two days to finally get caught up. I've done all the assignments so far, except for one. I had trouble with it, became frustrated, and decided to try again at a later date.

I'm not going to post everything; rather just some of my favorites from the last two weeks' worth of assignments. Get this, bleach is involved with one of them! So here we go...!

 A mosaic border using scraps of patterned paper and some twine.

 Embossing ink and chalk....

 Acrylic paint mixed with sparkle glaze. I think had I used a little less paint and a little more glaze, the wash would have appeared more sheer and allowed the patterned paper to show through, as was the intent.

 Image stamped on photo paper using solvent ink, followed by dabbing it with alcohol ink.

 Stamped images on paper using solvent ink, and then colored them in with a wet paintbrush dipped in chalk.

 And finally...This technique involved using embossing ink, a heating tool, and of all things a Clorox bleaching pen. The white portions were created by using the bleaching pen. It was suggested that if you are worried about whether this process is safe from an archival standpoint, use it only with cards or layouts that do not contain photos. There does appear to be a question as to whether the paper will break down [from the bleach] at some point.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I like that bleach pen idea! I may have to go out & get one of those! TFS!

  2. Karen,
    You do an excelleng job on your assignments. Love your blog background too! I've used that bleach technique before in a challenge; I've been meaning to try it again.