Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day

It is Teacher Appreciation Day. Trust me... I know, since I am one! ***Who, by the way, is counting down the days until summer break. By the time this posts, we will be down to 12 days...tick...tick...tick...**

Once your kids leave 5th or 6th grade, they usually end up with three or more teachers. Could make giving gifts to your kids' teachers a pricey proposition, especially if you have more than one kid who has multiple teachers.

On one of the many message boards I'm on, someone posted some pics of decorated notepads they had made and I thought... "what a great, inexpensive gift for my son's teachers!" I lucked out and got the last set at Amazon in early April. They are now showing as unavailable. I may have to go on the hunt for a suitable substitute for future teacher gifts.

Projects #45-49 of the 50 Project Challenge.

All of the cut files are from the Silhouette Online store. I have only a few vinyl colors hence the reason only two of the designs are in color. The inside cover of each notepad has a place to put an insert, so I made some cards to put on the inside that say "Thank you for being my 7th Grade Teacher! 2013-2014" with a place for my son's signature.

I am really enjoying working with vinyl and am going to have to purchase more colors so that I can keep them on hand for when the mood strikes! I've almost completed my challenge so I'll be going shopping sooner rather than later...tee hee! 

If you have children, don't forget to show their teachers some appreciation this week. They will thank you for it.

Thanks for looking!