Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tame Your Titles

Although I have not updated my blog recently, I really HAVE been crafting and hope to get some of those creations posted real soon now that school's OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!!! Can y'all hear me shouting through your computer screen? Hope so, cause I am one happy camper who hopes to remain camped out in her craft room throughout the summer. Heck, most of the days are going be well over 100 degrees; no point in going outside unless I have to. But I digress. You're here for some crafty tips.

So...the other day I offered to make a card for our PTO because they have done so much for the teachers at our school. I needed it to be big so that everyone on the staff could sign it so I decided to use a 22 x 28 poster board to make a gate-fold card.

I made most of my cuts with the Cameo and wanted to make sure the letters were straight and evenly spaced on the front. After cutting them out, I took the negative piece and taped it to my table over the die-cut background.

I used that as the template to place my letters.

And when I was finished, I simply took off the negative piece and voila! All of my letters were straight and perfectly spaced!

And here is the 22-inch tall card...

And the inside...

So our lesson for today is don't forget that when you die-cut letters, you can use the negative space not only as part of your card or layout, but also to perfectly place and space the letters (if that is important for that particular project).

Thanks so much for looking and I hope to be back more often now that SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!



  1. What a AWESOME card Diva!!! I hope you have a wonderful summer break!!

  2. You really rocked this card! Enjoy your summer!

  3. Awesome. That's a BIG, beautiful card. Nicely done. Love the idea of creating a BIG card.

  4. Very smart!!
    School's out here too! YES!!!

  5. That is a great tip....why didn't I think of that ??? LOL!! Great job on a large card.

  6. Wow! This is a beautiful card and an awesome tip for spacing the letters. What a terrific idea to make a super sized gatefold card. It is so pretty.

    I just bought a Cameo but haven't taken it out of the box yet. Looking forward to learning to use it. Meanwhile, I have my Cricuts and other die cutting machines. I am excited about how well the Cameo cuts though!

  7. I commented on this on SOC, but I'll leave some love here too....this is such a fun card!!! Thank you for sharing the details

  8. Awesome big card Karen. Great tip for spacing.

  9. The card is so beautiful and thoughtful.

  10. Super cool big card! Thanks for the tip! I have learned a lot from your blog today!! TFS