Sunday, April 21, 2013

If at first you don't succeed...

So today was my first experience with the "print and cut" feature on my Silhouette Cameo. I watched a great video on Youtube and had no trouble importing and preparing my images to print with the registration marks and then cut. When it came time to cut, that's when I nearly said to heck with the whole project. My Cameo wouldn't (or couldn't) detect the registration marks. I looked at Silhouette's support page and a checklist on the Silhouette Plus forum and checked and double-checked everything they told me to, or so I thought. First thing I missed was that my Cameo had switched from "load mat" to "load media." Don't know when or how that happened since I never told it to do that. OK... problem solved, or so I thought... again! Still no registration mark detection after NUMEROUS trys and adjustments. Finally, I decided to just turn the darned thing off, let it rest a moment and then start it up again. Voila!!!! It detected the marks and cut like a charm! So what you see below is a card made with my very first "print and cut" images. Big hugs to Alice B. and Charice for sending the files to me.

This card if for my honey-do's friend. Said honey-do used to sing in a band, and his friend, who's name is Sol, used to love to hear him sing Mustang Sally. So I thought it would be cute to make a play on words for this card. I didn't know the lyrics so I looked them up online and used one of the line's for the inside sentiment: "Guess you'd better slow your mustang down! Happy Birthday" It's kind of hard to tell, but I pop-dotted the new mustang to add some dimension.

So today's lesson is this: If at first you don't succeed with your die-cutting machine, go to YouTube "university," check out the manufacturer’s support page, look for any forums related to your machine… and, when all else fails, turn your machine off, let it rest for a minute and then turn it back on!

Thanks so much for looking... I promise I'll be back soon!

Your WrinkleFreeDiva!


  1. Nice masculine card! I love the print & cut feature on the cameo...need to use it more often. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My Dad loves cars! This one is a fabulous "dude" card.