Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turn Your Camera!

So...I realize that it has been SOME time since I've blogged. My intentions are really good, but life seems to really get in the way sometimes. The good news is, I HAVE been creating and continuing to learn by trial and error; the bad news is, I haven't posted anything here in a long time, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a blog, don't cha think?

I have 21 days until [in my best rock & roll voice] SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a short little lesson today.

Turn your camera!!!! What do I mean "turn your camera?" I mean, make sure you take pictures both in landscape (horizontal) AND portrait (vertical) orientation.

I am taking a great online class over at My Creative Classroom on using sketches (if you've been following me, you know how I feel about those!). Lots and lots of the sketches contain lots and lots of 4 x 6 photos that have a portrait orientation. In looking for groups of photos to use with the sketches, I had trouble finding good photos that were portrait-oriented. That's when it hit me...I hardly ever TURN MY CAMERA!

In this day and age of digital photography, most of us have abandoned film cameras which are quickly going the way of the dinosaur and 8-track tape. So...there's no excuse not to take lots and lots of pictures of your subjects with the camera turned both vertically and horizontally. You can always save and print the very best one, and delete the bad ones. Why save all fifty of the shots you took [trying to get the perfect picture] of the same statue or flower pot? Upload the pics to your computer, be ruthless in narrowing the collection down to a very select few (in both orientations of course!) and delete the rest!

So..our lesson for today people is this...(repeat after me)...TURN YOUR CAMERA!
And... for all you digital camera people, purge, purge, purge and keep only the very best pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Karen I love this post. It totally made me laugh and smile!

  2. Great advice! I need to do more of the purging.

  3. Hi Karen

    Thanks for following my blog....Enjoyed your post.....Good to see new faces and creativity...I am now a you'll see me here from time to time.....Wishing your days for school go by quickly for you......Enjoy your summer...Maybe then you can catch up to yuour crafting......TFS

  4. I'm lovin' this post, thanks for sharing!