Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrate You

So I finally decided to try another challenge over at Scraps of Color. I decided that it was simple enough that I could get it done in one evening (remember...I am a very slowwww crafter). The challenge was to use kraft cardstock, eight squares of patterned paper, a verse/sentiment (stamped or rub-on), and a piece of ribbon (didn't specify how much). Easy enough, right? When I sat down to work, I actually had a totally different design in mind; one that came to me while I was on the freeway yesterday and which I sketched out on a piece of scratch paper in the parking lot at JoAnn's. When I got home and tried to make it work, I couldn' this is what I resorted to. For some reason in the scan, the colors don't look very true (or like they even go together) even though all of the paper came from one paper pack. I assure you that the colors are much more vibrant than what you see.

I had something totally different in mind with the ribbon that would have used much more of it, but the ribbon that I had in the right color was too wide and would have tampered with the balance of the card. So what I learned is that starting with a sketch or idea in mind is great, but it's okay to switch up in the middle of creating. The results just might surprise you. Oh yes...and that I also need to add more ribbon to my ribbon stash! TFL.


  1. Love the card. Look at you, talking about balance and such. You go girl! BTW, I ALWAYS take sketches and make them work for me. turn them upside down, sideways, use a layout sketch for a card or card sketch for a layout. A sketch is just a jumping off point, make it work for you.

  2. Very nice card... I love the various use of color and texture!!! Great take on the challenge.

  3. Cute card...colors look great and I just chaulk it up to a clever use of ribbon.

  4. Karen this card is very nice. I love the colors used.