Tuesday, July 13, 2010

52 Card Pick-Up - More Fun Techniques's been more than a minute since I've posted new techniques from my 52 Card Pick-Up class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking; the reason for that is, I got behind. I spent Thursday through today catching up with ten or eleven assignments I had missed. Because I was so far behind, it was simply a matter of trying the technique and getting it done (without being particularly "artsy") so that I could move on to the next one. I'm not going to post them all because I don't want to bore you; rather, I'm going to post the ones that were the most fun and that I see myself using on a card or layout in the future.

This first one probably jazzed me the most! I know it is kind of hard to tell from the picture, but the entire photo of my DS is covered with clear glass microbeads. It gives it the coolest kind of texture. Very easy use that Terrifically Tacky tape on the picture, pour the beads on and voila!

This next one ran a close second.... we used a mixture of a really strong glue and a tiny bit of water to add glitter to chipboard accents. Those paisley chipboards are some Maya Road. I bought them a long time ago (I think when Recollections closed) and I had no idea what I was going to do with them other than paint them. I KNEW I wasn't going to cover them with would have been too much of a bother to trim them. Now I need to find out if some kind of fixative can be applied to glittered pieces to keep the glitter from migrating off.

This next one involved plain old ordinary white tissue paper, Mod Podge, and acrylic paint. We put the tissue down first, then painted with our darker color (mine was black) and then caught the ridges with our lighter color. Unfortunately, when I went over it with the white, I didn't realize there was still some water on that foam brush so the white kind of bled past the ridges. But you know me, I got the general idea, and was too lazy to do it over again...c'est la vie. I see this as a great way to make landscapes on layouts or cards.

Here was a really simple one...paint on the back side of a transparency and then use Glaze pens to journal on the unpainted side. I also used my rubber stamps and some solvent ink to make some flowers from the same transparency. Please ignore the messy handwriting.

Another easy one! Have you ever thought of printing a photo on card stock to use as a background or even as an integral part of the layout? This photo was changed to a watermark, and then some of the brightness and contrast was put back in before printing. Don't know that I'm gonna want to drive over that bridge the next time I travel from Arizona to Vegas!

And finally....using clear embossing ink and powder to make a tone-on-tone design. I really like this technique but so far, with every heat-embossed project I've done, I've gotten stray ink or powder all over the piece. Gonna have to work on that. I took this opportunity to try a small mosaic cut with the picture. That's something I've always wanted to try, but haven't had the guts to do so. I hear this technique is best used with landscape type photos rather than those with people in them.

Thanks for looking at my latest installment of 52 Card Pick-Up.


  1. I`am so glad I found your blog. I started my scrapbooking one month ago, when I decided to make place cards, save the date cards, and table cards for my future wedding. I bought a cricket for $88 at a close out store and purchased punch outs for 50%clearance sale at Walmart, Marshalls, and Michaels. The rest history! I love it

  2. NubianLP...Congratulations on your Cricut purchase. You will have ball with your cricut and this hobby/love/addiction we call scrapbooking. Good luck! Be sure to check out the Sisters Scrap Too message board at and Scraps of color.

  3. Great projects. I love that you have learned new techniques and ways they can be applied to become beautiful works of art!!! Great job...