Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Without You...

The last few months have been a blur with ups and downs and everything in between. March 4th began a cycle of hospital stays for my beloved Robert. Each time he was sent home, we were no closer to knowing what was making him ill in the first place. 

On April the 12th, at one of our eBoard meetings, he asked me to marry him and I said yes in front of many of my sorors.

On April 16th, he returned to the hospital one last time, and unfortunately never returned home.

It has been exactly one month since the love of my life passed away and I miss him so much everyday. I know that over the next many months, I will be using art journaling to process my grief, and scrapbook pages to capture memories. There are so many therapeutic benefits to this hobby of ours. 

Here is an art journal page I did on May 15th during one of Tiare's Art Journal Pajama Parties.

 I am grateful that he is at rest and is no longer feeling pain. Rest in peace my darling.

Robert Michael Samp - February 11, 1954 - May 8, 2014

Thank you for looking....



  1. Words can not express how sorry I am that this has happen to you.

    But, I am happy you are going to use paper arts to find some comfort.

  2. Karen this is wonderful therapy. I love what you did with the art for memory. Be blessed and highly favored my friend.

  3. May you find comfort in your heART! Still praying

  4. What an awesome way to process your feelings, hugs and blessings; thank you for sharing.

  5. Karen, this is a beautiful journal page. Thanks for sharing with us. Keeping you in my prayers...hugs!