Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom...No Foolin'!

I'm spending more and more time at "YouTube University," trying to learn new techniques and ways to use up my stash. On Saturday, I watched a few videos and learned how to make cards using the "Sunburst" technique. Talk about easy peasy!!!! And quick! And a great way to use up your scraps!

I ended up making two birthday cards... one for my mom and one for my brother (whose birthday is Saturday). As I kid, I thought it was too funny that my mom was born on April Fool's Day and as kids do, loved to think of a ways to fool her on her birthday. For instance, I would often wrap an empty box, or put her gift inside of a small box that was nested inside of many larger boxes.

These days though... I try to tap into the elegance that is "Gracie," my mom. Since becoming a card maker I've made almost all of her birthday cards, and while this one was quick and simple, I think it still captures that elegant essence.

So, here's the card...
Project #30 of 50

And here's to you mom! Happy 78th Birthday to Grace B. Strauther!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Beautiful card for a beautiful lady and that's no joke :)
    you did a fantastic job

  2. What???? She looks marvelous! Such a beautiful card.

  3. Beautiful card and your mother is so beautiful and youthful. No way she is 78 years old.