Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imperfect Photos

Those of us who are scrapbookers are forever in pursuit of the perfect photos for our layouts, whether someone else is behind the camera or we take the pictures ourselves. Unfortunately, life isn't perfect and sometimes neither are our pictures. Think back to the days before digital photography. We could snap rolls and rolls of film, get them developed and every single shot have something wrong with it i.e. bad framing of the shot, poor lighting, a trashcan in the background, red eyes… you name it! And if you’re anything like me, you didn't throw out too many of those prints.

So what do you do when the only pictures you have of a memorable event aren't very good? Well, you use them on your layout of course! Such was the case with the pictures from my 20-year high school reunion. Since that event was almost 16 years ago, I have no idea where the pictures came from and whether they were taken with my camera or someone else’s. All I know is that the pictures were awful; they were dark, a little fuzzy, and I could barely make out the faces. But you know what? Those four pictures were the only ones I had, so after much soul-searching I decided to make a layout using them. I suppose I could have taken them to a photo lab to see if they could improve them, but I just wasn't up for all that. I matted the photos on light paper in an attempt to help improve their visibility a bit but that was really all I could do. And I’m okay with that because I no longer wanted to leave those pictures sitting in a box and needed them to capture a precious memory. So, without further ado, here is my [Week 3 iClassygirl From Desk to Done] layout:

So today's takeaway is simple: if it's the memory you are trying to preserve, you might have to use pictures that are less than perfect, and that's okay.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have so many pictures that are "not so good." I scrapbook them all the time. You are right the memories are still worth saving and they have and still do find their way onto a page. Great job. Love your layout. It's quite cute!

  2. Great tips. I love your sweet page.

  3. Been there done that. Nice LO. The paper and embellies help bring the pics to life.

  4. I just so happened to come across your blog site by a pintrest pin. Thanks for sharing your very helpful hunts and tips. Their great! I also must state that when you kinda mentioned your age, (via- 20 yr high school reunion, & that was 16 yrs ago) you do not look a day over 35. (& yes that's a compliment) so again thanks for the tips.

  5. You make me want to go in my boxes and re-live some memories. Seems like they were the best times. Great layout