Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't Be Intimidated...

Last Friday I was not prepared to participate in the Friday Night Chat Challenge over at Scraps of Color, but I was bound and determined to make the Waterfall Card that was one of the challenges issued. The hostess was kind enough to point us to these links here and here. And as complicated as the card looks, it was actually quite simple to make.

When I told my honey-do that I was going to go make a card, he asked me who it was for. I told him “I dunno, I just want to try the technique.” So he said, “I know! You can make a card for my son…his birthday is in eight days. Maybe you can include pictures of his dog!” So off I went to make a Waterfall Card, with a masculine theme and a picture of a dog!

Last Friday I heard a lot of people say that it was really fun to make and actually quite simple. It really was. I had a lot of fun making it although had I taken time to really look at the pictures, I might have used some different patterned paper, but oh well…c’est la vie. I’ll know next time!

And here is my Waterfall Card!

Our simple lesson today is: try not to be intimidated when it comes to trying a new technique. Sometimes, something that looks really difficult really is quite simple. But you won’t know that unless you try! So take a chance, you just might be surprised and have fun while doing it!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for looking!!


  1. Glad you tried this. Adding the pictures made it personal. Very nice

  2. This card is a keeper! Nice job. See you this friday. I'm hosting!

  3. Wow, you did a great job on a new technique, I bet that feels good. Awesome card, love that dog too!!