Thursday, September 27, 2012


…you’ve just gotta let it go and know when to fold.

*As this is a blog about learning (so to speak) I have to post not only the work I’m proud of, but the not- so-nice stuff as well. This is a post about one of those not-so-nice projects!

I began this card in anticipation of entering it for Challenge #23 over at Jackson’s Digital Expressions. *Just so you know, that challenge began on September 18th.* I finished the card… drum roll please… yesterday! Why? Because it became urgent. It’s a card for my BFF whose birthday was September 22nd. She will be arriving on a flight from L.A. in a little over two hours from now and it occurred to me that I should give it to her before her next birthday.

I was thrilled with the card until I stamped the sentiment on the front. Ya know that if you rock your stamp just a little too much, you get that dreaded line from the edge of the stamp. Yep…I got one of those.  I then heat embossed the sentiment and that didn’t come out very well. I think it was the paper’s fault. Then…to camouflauge the “dreaded stamp edge” line, I went over it with Stickles. Didn’t like that, so I covered it *almost* with a strip of rhinestones. Can we just say ughhhhh? By then it was almost 11:30 p.m. and I was tired. Decided to leave it, go to bed, think on it and do something with it in the a.m. Honey asked me if I was going to re-do the card. Ummm…I dunno!

Anyway, we are at 6:25 pm today and you’re probably wondering if I re-did or otherwise doctored the card. Nope, the card is still sitting here with no inside sentiment. So…it’s time for me to end this post and put a sentiment inside before the plane lands. Gonna put some cash in there too which will surely detract from the mishaps on the outside!

So this is what I learned:
  1. Sometimes those little lines from the edge of the stamp aren’t so bad. Leave ‘em be. If you’re giving the card to a good friend, they probably won’t notice anyway and will be grateful that you thought enough of them to make a handmade card.
  2. I am a firm believer in fixing crafty mistakes and not having to start all over. But sometimes, you have to know when you’ve done enough fixing and leave well enough alone!
Thanks for reading and putting up with my mistakes!



  1. Very cute card Karen! Nice work! I am sure your bff is going to love it!

  2. I actually read the whole blog. LOL. The card looks fine and I am sure she will love it because you took the time to make it.

  3. Your card looks fine, it's too cute, but I know what you mean. Sometimes its best to leave well enough alone! I'm sure your bff loved the card because you made it. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was too funny. I have "rocked" my stamp many times, so I definitely can relate. The card is really cute, and I know your BFF just loved it. Enjoyed your post.

  5. Didn't anyone tell you Karen, there are no mistakes in art? It's just another form of creativity. LOL

  6. Cute card and message, I am so bad at starting over. I will take this and apply it to my next project