Friday, December 3, 2010

Make Time for Peace and Relaxation - Pat and Cali Card

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog. But then, I guess it would make sense since it's been about that long since I've done any kind of papercrafting. Finally though, I sat down to complete a request that my aunt made to me in August. Some of you may remember me going on and on about a class called "52 Card Pick-Up" over at BigPictureClasses (formerly In this blog entry, I shared some of the techniques I had learned. One of them involved placing a photo with high contrast into a Word document, converting it to black and white, and then adjusting the contrast to create this kind of retro Andy Warhol look. I sent a picture of the original project to my dear aunty and she fell in love with it requesting approximately 25 note cards made with the same picture. That request was made in August. I FINALLY finished the cards during Thanksgiving weekend and you can see a couple of pics below. Life (and the need for printer ink cartridges) basically got in the way. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes it's just stuff you have to do and other times when there's no stuff to do, the mojo's not there. I've missed my mojo and have to constantly remind myself that I must make time to do those things that restore peace and relaxation to my life, like papercrafting. So that's the lesson for today...if you really do enjoy papercrafting, make time for it, everyday if possible. You don't have to devote hours and hours at a time. Sometimes, all that's needed is a 30-minute session to remove the stress of the day and get those creative juices flowing. Hope I take my own advice! Thanks for looking!

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  1. Karen these cards are wonderful. I really like the look.