Sunday, September 20, 2015

Getting Crafty on a Friday Night

My summer quarter ended on Friday (I got an "A" whoo hoo!), just in time for me to participate in Friday Night Challenge over at SOC.  I have been buried in academic articles and writing assignments for ten weeks, so the opportunity to get crafty was a welcome respite!  My dear friend Shirley hosted the challenges on Friday night and I managed to get each one finished, and on time!

Challenge #1 - Create a card to send to a friend. have at least 2 layers, an image and embellishments of your choice. The image can be a sticker, stamp or digi. Don't stress, you can draw the image. Just relax and enjoy the process of creating.
Challenge #2: Create a card to send Wedding Best Wishes to a relative, friend, etc. You must have at least one heart or the word ‘heart’ displayed, a sentiment an at least 3 embellishments.  You can make a card for new job, new house, sympathy...whatever your friend is in need of receiving love and hugs about.   I kind of missed the instructions about the three embellishments on this one!

Main challenge: card, LO, bookmark... any creation that expresses your love.

It felt really good to do some crafting and make a teeny, tiny dent in my stash. Hope to be able to keep up the momentum, at least until Fall quarter begins in three weeks! Time will tell!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Beautiful work Karen! I may have to copy that sympathy card. ;-)

  2. So happy to see you sharing. Nice card and cool LO, I always like your color combos. I really wanted to join the chat on Friday but duty called.

  3. Happy New Year! Just thought I would stop by to say hi!!!